NameChristophe Pinna

Date of birth18 march 1968


Place of birthNice (France)



Motivated by his dream to become the best sport fighter in the world, Christophe PINNA began his martial arts training in 1973 at the young age of five. His persistence, dedication, and love for the sport of karate led him to become the French Junior Champion at the age of 17 and the same year he became European Junior Champion.

Christophe eventually returned to Nice, his place of birth, where he was offered a prestigious athletic contract. During the next few years, Christophe successfully dedicated himself to becoming the best sport karate competitor in the world.

In 1993, Christophe won his first World Title at the Algerian World Cup. One year later, in 1994, Christophe helped the French team win the gold medal.

In addition to competing, Christophe also desired to share his passion for karate. He obtained his National Sports certification as a 1st degree, and later, a 2nd degree educator.

Christophe was also received the ''Golden Medal of Sports'' by the Minister of the French Sport Government.

At this time, Christophe was a rising star in international world competition. In 1996 at Sun City, once again with Christophe's help, France was able to bring back the world title for the second time. This was followed in 1997 by a third consecutive victory for France in Tenerife, Spain, where Christophe also became the European "open class" champion. That same year, in Manila, Phillippines, Christophe won yet another "open class" world title.

Then one year later, on October 16, 1998, in what was an absolutely historic moment for both France and Christophe, France won the third consecutive World Championship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Upon returning to France, the French president, Mr. Jacques CHIRAC, issued a decree awarding to Christophe the rank of knight with a National Merit Order to crown his impressive sports career and his excellent contribution to the sport karate. Mr. Henri SERANDOUR, President of the National Olympic and French Sports Committee, also awarded Christophe the high level of distinction in the Olympic Committee.

On October 14, 2000, in Munich, Germany, Christophe once again proved his supremacy as a fighter by winning the "open class" World Championship. At this point, Christophe decided it was time to end his career as one of the world's most elite karate athletes. His efforts turned from fighting to teaching and he began traveling throughout the world conducting seminars. In January 2001, Christophe returned to Europe to train the Greek national team. In June 2001, Christophe was appointed by the French Federation to be the French national trainer. In August 2005, Christophe Pinna resigned from his assignement as trainer of the French national team.

Then he was solicited by the TV channel TF1 to give sports courses to the candidats of the 5th edition of the Star Academy. In November Christophe Pinna was nominated officer of “The National Oder of Merit” by the French president.

Presently, being a world expert in karate, he teaching competition karate throughout the world. Meanwhile Christophe also acts as personal coach for various personalities from the worlds of sports, business, and entertainment.